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Um, Hi.

I created this community for anyone who is a fan of any superhero in this known universe. (Not counting all the other parralel ones ;)

For now, it is my personal icon journal.

If you like what you see or become an affiliate, please link back using the button below:

To have it seen like the above, just download it onto your own computer, upload it to your own image hosting site, then go to your link page or info page and than copy/paste in the following:

You know: 2. Then type in your image hoster thing in the "yourimageloactionhere", it should link
back here.NO HOTLINKING please, it pains me so.

Hopefully. If you want to be an affiliate, post anywhere in the community and hopefully I'll see it.

To search for specific icons, try using this :

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My Affiliates :

My Thanks & Gratitude To :

1. premade_ljsmore for this awesome spacey layout Thank God for her mad layout skills. I was able to tweak her layout and make it mine. Yay!

Resources :

1. All Batman The Animated Series gifs,animations, or screencaps used are going to be done by myself.

2. Unless otherwise stated in my individual posts, all still icons of other heroes other than Batman from the Animated Series are from various images found on the internet.

3. Disney pics are usually from

or elsewhere on the internet from various fansites or cap_it

4. My animations are from me : rogue_hero

5. Avatar THe Last Airbender Screencaps: are from

or on the internet or from other sources


Disclaimer : All images used in any of my icons belong to their specific companies. I take no credit in creating them, and they are not used to make profit.


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